Staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge, especially when you are traveling to places with a tasty new cuisine. Jet-lag and travel time can also have a major effect on your health while you travel. From feeling sleepy and groggy when switching time zones, to feeling dehydrated and bloated from flying thousands of feet high, the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle can become a bit difficult. The best thing you can do when trying to stabilize is to get some rest and drink plenty of water for the first bit rather than push yourself to exhaustion!

Once you’ve had your beauty rest, it’s time to get back on a schedule and routine. Hydration, eating healthy, and exercise are key! Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind, positive attitude, and happy life! Although traveling can make it easy to fall out of your routine, there are many tricks that can help you stay on track and countless exercises that can be accomplished in any time zone!

Look below for my exercise tips to keeping happy and healthy on the go!

  1. Running: I strongly believe that running is the absolute best way to keep in tip top shape. Running can be done in short sprints, tabata intervals, or long distances! Running is the perfect exercise because it can be done wherever you are and needs minimal equipment. A good pair of running shoes and you’re good to go!
  2. Yoga: The key to relaxation and a healthy mind, not to mention a great workout! Hold those poses for three deep breaths or more and you’ll begin to feel the burn!
  3. Surfing: Surfing is an amazing workout without feeling like a workout, especially on those arms and abs! Although this exercise can’t be done everywhere, if you are in a spot with the beautiful ocean breeze, jump on your board and ride those waves!
  4. Resistance Band Training: Keep your muscles looking toned by training with a resistance band, which can fit in your suitcase and used wherever you are! One of my favorite exercise pieces because of the versatility and ability to help work on any muscle group and can be done in any location, including your hotel room!

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