NUMA: How did you become a model?
SONYA: I was told “I should model” in high school, I couldn’t play basketball, and I didn’t want to. I designed a Halloween costume when I was 14, it was a sleek and stylish. It was a “Nun” outfit and I rocked it, and from there my love of fashion was born. I’ve always loved doing my girlfriends makeup and hair. I went to a modelling school in Ontario and I was selected from an agency in Toronto at the end of school. A month later I was off to Paris, France to model.

NUMA: What are your goals as a model?
SONYA: To continue working, and take my career as far as it will take me! Travel more, explore and experience different cultures and most importantly, stay grounded, focused and enjoy the journey.

NUMA: What do you do to stay healthy and fit?
SONYA: Prayer. I believe in love and truth as a spiritual source I can connect with. Spiritual fitness is key. I nurture myself in nature, hiking, biking in Vancouver and Kundalini Yoga lights me up! Eating to nourish my body and not diet. They don’t work. Balance is a work in progress…

NUMA: When looking at preview images what are things you keep note of during a shoot?
SONYA: Have fun! Not take myself too seriously. Smile, engage with others and listen. Know my angles, I think we all know our best “selfie”. Be positive and be myself.

NUMA: Have your preconceptions of modeling changed?
SONYA: Definitely. Every opportunity I get to make the experience more about the team of people, rather than focusing and overthinking about myself, makes for a great shoot. Also, I use to think I had to look and act in a way that wasn’t my authentic self to “fit in” and to challenge the idea there is no “perfect” way to be, just be me!

NUMA: What other opportunities has modelling given you?
SONYA: I’ve been fortunate to meet many talented artists in the industry, and meet some crazy fun people! Living in New York City, modeling, and having great friends I love dearly. We mutually support one another, super important when away from family 🙂 Living in Los Angeles I discovered my passion in the arts, hosting events in the TV and Film industry and now acting and modeling in Vancouver, a.k.a “Hollywood North”, has been so much fun!

Model: Sonya

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