NUMA:  How did you become a model?
PARKER: My mom sent in my high school grad photos my uncle took and I was lucky enough to be given a shot with Numa!

NUMA: Where do you want to go with modeling?
PARKER: I have travelled internationally once to Hong Kong and that was a great starting point, however as I develop more I would like to travel to LA and NYC where I can get more experience and fully be emerged in a more challenging market.

NUMA:  What’s your favorite part about modeling, and least favorite part about modeling?
PARKER: My favorite part about modeling is being able to travel internationally, make new friends and connections that I was not able to previously do! It is amazing to see beautiful parts of the world and enjoy the freedom modeling offers. My least favorite part about modeling is having to adapt to different markets both physically and mentally. With this, criticism and other factors make it difficult to deal with especially when you’re in a different country all alone for the first time.

NUMA: What’s the worst preconceived idea people have about models?
PARKER: The worst preconceived idea about modeling is the simplicity of it. Yes, it is about getting your photos taken however it goes beyond photos and directly relates to one’s confidence, acceptance of criticism and judgment, and one’s ability to get comfortable leaving their comfort zone. Models are required to adapt to the specific needs of clients and that one moment is captured in a matter of minutes, hours or days. People think modeling is easy because they see the end results, not what goes on behind the scenes and what it actually takes to capture that one image. It is unfortunate because models will be constantly judged and criticized for what they do but you just have to accept it, move forward and believe in yourself!

NUMA: What has your favorite memory with Numa been?
PARKER: My favorite memory is shooting for the very first time in Numa’s head office in Calgary. I was so nervous and embarrassed and thought I was being criticized. When I got the images back I was exceptionally proud of my myself and knew it opened doors for more future opportunities. Shout out to my mom for pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me get into modeling, couldn’t be in the position I am in without you!

Model: Parker
Photographer: Walid Elfar

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