NUMA: How did you become a model?
JEAN: Several months ago I met someone who has been a model for a while. We became friends and I got
interested in what she was doing as a model, so she encouraged me to try. I sent some pictures to
Numa and then I got interviewed and I had a really good connection with the people there. Since then, it
has been an amazing experience! I love the way Numa showcases different kind of beauty and drives
people to reach their full potential by finding themselves.

NUMA: What advice do you have for aspiring models?
JEAN: I would give them the same advice that I would give to anyone wanting to start something new. If this
is something you want to do, give it the time and work it deserves and try not to have expectations
other than your personal objectives. If you do what you love and love what you do, you are on the
good path, and in my opinion, the path is more important than the destination. Take the recognition or
success as a plus; don’t aim for it 😉

NUMA: What are your goals as a model?
JEAN: I am not sure I would distinguish my goals as a model as my goals in life; being a model is for me a
great opportunity to connect with people in a more artistic configuration than usual, meaning trying to
generate something that would be an expression of ourselves and in which could generate
emotions in others. To make people feel, see or think a different way for just a moment; I think this is
my main goal.

NUMA: What do you do to stay healthy and fit?
JEAN: I have been active as long as I can remember – I am currently doing a lot of rock climbing,
mountaineering, swimming, playing soccer, mainly outside. Being outdoors is good for my mind, I also
match my alimentation with my daily activities and I avoid eating processed food. Sleeping long
enough is what I am bad at – but I am working on it!

NUMA: Has modeling influenced your style and where you shop?
JEAN: I guess modeling has given me the opportunity to wear and experiment with clothing I wouldn’t have worn
otherwise. I shop a bit everywhere; I like being surprised while I am not looking for something specific.

NUMA: What has been your favorite memory with Numa been?
JEAN: A month ago, I got to work with 5 other models that I didn’t know. After we were done working we
spent the rest of the day and part of the night together. The kind of days when you meet people for
the first time and share an amazing moment together without even knowing them. Definitely one of my
best memory with Numa.

Model: Jean B

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