NUMA: How did you become a model?
BILLEE: I met a photographer through my work and he asked me to do a shoot with him. After shooting with him a few times he recommended me to Numa and Numa then contacted me.

NUMA: What would be your dream shoot as a model?
BILLEE: My dream shoot as a model would be any kind of shoot done in a scenic part of the world I haven’t been yet.

NUMA: What would you change about the modeling industry if you could and why?
BILLEE: I’d like to change the stigma around the modelling industry having a negative affect on your self image. For me, it has helped me become more confident and accepting of my natural beauty. It has also made me strive to be the best version of myself physically and mentally.

NUMA: What’s your favorite part about modeling, and least favorite part about modelling?
BILLEE: My favourite part of modelling is meeting such talented creative people and being able to be a part of their vision. My least favourite part of modelling would be getting lost and trying to get to all the locations because I’m seriously bad at directions.

NUMA: What advice do you have for someone going to their first casting?
BILLEE: Being confident going into any casting no matter what… if you don’t believe you can neither will they.

NUMA: What was the most challenging shoot you’ve ever done?
BILLEE: The most challenging shoot I’ve ever done has to be laying in glacier water on the rocks trying to have good facial expressions when i was seriously cold and in pain.

NUMA: What are your goals as a model?
BILLEE: My current goals in modelling is to get an overseas contract.

Model: Billee

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