NUMA: How did you become a model?
AMARA: I discovered Numa Model’s ad online. They were looking for models and I had been building up the courage to start my future as a model for years so I thought I would give it a shot. Who would’ve known, I was welcomed into the Numa family with open arms.

NUMA: What are things you typically remind yourself during a shoot?
AMARA: Many things can run through your mind during a shoot, however, I always remember in the back of my head to just have fun. This is more than a hobby for me, I am extremely passionate about the art of modelling and photography. Staying relaxed and most importantly remembering to breath are the keys. We (the photographer and I are both there without judgement and to create something beautiful so the best thing I can do is just be me and the rest will follow naturally.

NUMA: What is one thing you really like about yourself?
AMARA: I see the best in every situation. As time goes on and hardships happen through life, instead of dwelling on it, I let it help me grow as a human being.

NUMA: Eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why?
AMARA: Finishing high school work. I have never been one that enjoys the work assigned during high school (or high school in general) as I find much of it irrelevant and repetitive. Travelling is what I am very passionate about and feel like I don’t really learn without experiencing environments, cultures and just life in general first hand.

NUMA: What were your family and friends’ reactions to you modelling?
AMARA: My friends and family have always been so supportive towards me modelling, in fact, they have pushed me and given me the courage to try to make something of myself. My dad has been sceptical of course (not wanting his only daughter to get taken advantage of, like all dads being protective of their princesses. Which is really an amazing thing, a fathers love). But yes, everyone, my daddio included, has always pushed me to follow through with the things I love and am passionate about, and that I am really really thankful for.

Model: Amara M
Photographer: Michelle Dawn

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