NUMA: How did you become a model?
ALICE: I’ve always been interested in becoming a model and the fashion industry, but never looked into actually pursuing it until I graduated high school because I wanted to invest all my time and energy into it. After I graduated, I submitted some photos to Numa and the rest is history.

NUMA: What is an important lesson you have learned since starting modelling?
ALICE: Modelling has taught me to love myself more and has increased my self-esteem and confidence in myself. I’ve had self-esteem issues and anxiety my entire life and modelling forces me out of my comfort-zone which I’ve never really experienced before. A couple of years I would have never thought I would ever have the courage to start modelling, let alone traveling internationally at the age of 18

NUMA: What was something you didn’t expect about traveling on a modelling contract?
ALICE: How rewarding it was! I grew a lot during those weeks I was away. It was also my first time living on my own and I’ve never been away from my family for that long before. It was really hectic, draining and stressful, but also a once in a lifetime experience to live in a foreign country and city.

NUMA: Where do you want to end up on contract and why?
ALICE: My dream cities to work in are Paris, New York, Tokyo, Barcelona/Madrid and especially London.

NUMA: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
ALICE: I hope to be living and working in London as a model, maybe married and with a child.

NUMA: What are you looking forward to about your next contract in Milan?
ALICE I’m really excited to be in Milan, I’ve briefly visited the city but never really explored it. I would like to also walk in fashion week and just to be working in a fashion capital!

Model: Alice

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