Journey to Australia

Australia during the month of November is the spring season and all of the trees are blooming everywhere. One tree that stuck out in particular was the Jacaranda tree. I fell in love with this tree; it’s now my dream tree and what a rare beauty it is.

First photo above taken in Adelaide Australia under the the beautiful Jacaranda tree in full bloom. Adelaide was beautiful, I had the full Australian experience while visiting this city that includes going to the outback conservation park and seeing all the exotic animals known to Australia.

My journey went on to Melbourne Australia where I got to catch up with family and friends. Melbourne was a little bit more of a laid back experience for me, it reminded me of North America with high-rise buildings in the major cities and stretches of highways with not a lot happening.

At my friend’s house I spotted a red-back spider that had a nest with three egg sacks on the inside of their garage door. They basically had no idea it was there and walked under it daily. I knew it was poisonous the minute I saw it as I saw that species of spider on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic as it’s considered to be the second most deadliest spider in the world. That ended well since they were able to get rid of it in time before there was an infestation.

The last journey of my trip ended in Sydney Australia. Sydney had a beautiful vibe, very different but almost like the Caribbean. Seemed like it was the popular city and the place to be. No journey is complete without a trip to the beach, as I had the opportunity to stay at a beach  front hotel. I spent a day at the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The views there were amazing as I was able to tour the harbour and the Opera House where I learned a lot about the history and how they were built.

Finally, Australia is definitely on my to-go list again because I’m in love with the food and culture and there are so many other places I’d like to explore within Australia.

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