NUMA: How were you involved in Numa’s photo shoot in San Diego?
CELESTE: I participated in the Numa photo shoot in San Diego by applying the makeup on each model as well as styling their hair.

NUMA: What is your go to look?

CELESTE: I would have to say that my go to look would definitely be grunge (even for myself)!

NUMA: What is essential to always have in your kit?

CELESTE: There are many things that are essential in my kit but if I have to chose a few things they would definitely be hairspray, a comb, lipstick, and last but certainly not least is eye shadow palettes.

NUMA: Make up can be a powerful tool in confidence, what advice do you have for young girls just getting into make up?
CELESTE: The most important advice to young girls getting into make up I would say is, “Practice makes perfect”. And if you are truly passionate about something, and believe in your self you can accomplish absolutely anything.

NUMA: What was your favorite part about the photoshoot?
CELESTE: My favorite part of the photo shoot was witnessing the models I did hair and make up on posing for each and every photo. My expression in hair and make up is like art to me and its like watching my art come to life.

NUMA: Which goals have you set for yourself this year and accomplished?
CELESTE: A huge goal that I have accomplished this year was stepping out of my comfort zone from only preforming hair and make up on my everyday salon clients to building my portfolio and preforming hair and make up on models.



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