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Our team is trained to be more than just models and talent. The Numa Network and our talent are educated on being a complete Brand Ambassador.

We work with you to find the perfect match for your brand. Through package presentation, you are able to review and select the model or talent that you feel represents you and your brand best. All of our models rates are determined by the level of experience the model has acquired, which allows us to work within your budget.

When you hire one of our models, we research the brand you are hiring for and ensure the model or talent you are requesting is capable of providing the specific service you require. Upon approval, the model hired is encouraged to share your product via social media and through word of mouth. This dedication to your brand is the Numa Difference.

• Numa works with budgets of all sizes without compromising quality. Letting us know the budget you are working with will help us in presenting you with a package of models that suit your needs and fit within your budget. 

• Rates vary depending on the specific model or talents experience level. Rates can be negotiated depending on the exposure and material the model, talent, or agency will receive. Usage rates vary depending on the type of media and the period of use.