NUMA: How did you become a model?
KEYEDE: I became a model out of trying to find something I love after college.

NUMA: Where has been the funnest location you’ve gone for a photoshoot?
KEYEDE: My most fun shooting location so far is downtown Vancouver and gastown for Ascis

NUMA: What advice do you have for aspiring models?
KEYEDE: My advice for aspiring models are; be attentive to constructive criticism, never compare yourself to others, love yourself unconditional.  And for a fun tip, continuously work on your angles and be confident .

NUMA: What would you change about the modeling industry if you could and why?
KEYEDE: One thing in the industry I will love to change is, people being defined because of their size (at this point is sounds cliche) , but it’s important.

NUMA: How do you cope with insecurities?
KEYEDE: How I cope with insecurities. I hear when negativity comes through but don’t actually listen, because hearing is differnt from listening.

Model: Keyede
Photographer: Tony Ellis

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