NUMA: What made you want to become a makeup artist?
SAM: Since a young age I always had a passion for makeup. I would spend hours doing my makeup and friends makeup in high school for specific events, etc. It wasn’t until a couple years ago an amazing opportunity came to me that allowed me to get my certification and a fully loaded makeup kit. Since then I have been pursing my love for makeup and art. As well as making girls feel confident about themselves.

NUMA: What do you enjoy about working with The Numa Network?
SAM: What I love about working with The Numa Network is that everyone is down to earth and genuine. I am extremely grateful to be apart of such an amazing community of souls!

NUMA: Whose work has influenced you most?
SAM: If I had to choose whose work influenced me the most in all aspects it would be Amanda Diaz. I absolutely love her style!

Model: Sam O


Sjalyn Published in Elegant Magazine

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