1) What made you want to become a photographer?
I’ve always had an interest in the Arts and photography felt the most natural media to use. I went from wanting to photograph fine art images and landscapes to solely focusing on photographing people to share their stories.

2) What do you enjoy about working with The Numa Network?
I love the diversity within The Numa Network and the positivity that comes from that. It’s really refreshing to see several different looks being showcased versus one basic look, which allows everyone to have an opportunity.

3) How do you educate yourself to take better pictures
I have a Diploma in Photography where I studied for 2 years as a starting point. Since then I am constantly taking courses on editing, posing, etc, along with setting up shoots to practice lighting, composition, and everything in between. It’s extremely important for me to be up to date on current techniques, whether that is for photography or post-processing.

4) Whose work has influenced you the most?
I’m one of those people who has never really been too heavily influenced by one person. Some of my favourite photographers who’s work I do admire are Lara Jade, Stormy from Rebel & Romance Photography, Amanda Diaz, and Annie Leibovitz.

5) What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?
One thing I wish I knew when I started pursuing photography is probably patience. I was 18 when I started in the photography program and wanted to start my business right away and start taking those award winning photographs right out of the gate. So it was definitely frustrating that it didn’t happen immediately, however it was a good learning experience. Had I been a little more patient with myself it would have made things a lot easier. Good things take time to perfect and I’m still working towards improving myself and my work every day.

Photographer: Jackie Hall


Josie D.

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