NUMA: How did you become a model?
EDDIE: I signed with Numa a couple of years ago just to try something new. My best friend was involved with them and she seemed to enjoy the events and shoots she went to. Also a little extra money on the side never hurt!

NUMA: How did you get involved in photography?
EDDIE: I got involved with photography when I went traveling for the first time. I didn’t really mean for it to go any further than taking shots of my trip, but I ended up loving it! I first fell in love with photographing animals and landscapes, but when I got home I started to shoot more with people. Now I love to do both and am pursuing it as a career.

NUMA: What is the best advice you can give to upcoming artists?
EDDIE: You do you. I think it is incredibly important to make sure that when you develop yourself in any form of art you make sure you are presenting what you really want to present. The best way to be noticed is to be different, and you won’t be different trying to be like someone else. Having role models is awesome, but you have to learn from them, not imitate them. Doing this will help you pin point which industry you really want to be in and make you enjoy the process more because you’ll be doing something you love!

NUMA: How do you find your inspiration?
EDDIE: I find inspiration with what I believe in. Whether it is trying to show how amazing a physical place is or how important an idea or concept is. I think if you’re not inspired by what your beliefs are, then you believe the wrong thing or don’t believe enough. Personally, my beliefs are in progressive change, so I want to take my photography in that direction.

NUMA: What are your professional goals for 2018?
EDDIE: I would like to shoot with more brands, on either side of the camera. As well as start my own brand or movement to work towards.

Model: Eddie

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