What made you decide to go vegan?
I was on social media and was hearing  a lot about veganism . A lot of people were making the switch . For a awhile I thought about it and what it truly meant. Then I came across a documentary on Netflix called “What The Health” as at the time the title appealed to me as I loved healthy eating. But after I was speechless about all the lies I had been hearing that the animals were being treated well. After that it lead me to a binge on documentary’s I watched what was recommended “Forks Over Knives”. I researched and Googled everything and found the amazing benefits of being vegan. Well after that I decided I wanted to make the change and I went vegan overnight . After all, I was already intolerant to dairy and had cut it out a year before, so I thought to go full out!

How long have you been vegan?
I have now officially been vegan for a year. It’s wonderful because now it almost just seems natural for me, this lifestyle was easily introduced and just seems to flow with me .

What changes have you noticed?
After switching I noticed an amazing improvement in my skin, I used to get so much cystic acne  and inflammation around my face. I also have noticed I am much happier and my anxiety isn’t as bad. I have noticed an improvement in my sleep as it use to be very hard for me to fall asleep at night. My hair on my head has gotten thicker. It is easier for my stomach to digest food as my gut health has vastly improved. The biggest change is I have much more energy and feel more productive than ever!

What are your favourite go to snacks and meals?
I would say my favourite got to snacks would be like any kind of fruit but specifically bananas and peanut butter! Or sometimes I love to snack on dried fruit and sometimes nuts and seeds. when I crave something really sweet I will make a really chocolate shake made from bananas , cocoa powder, dates, cinnamon, vegan protein powder and almond milk. Some go to meals at breakfast would be oatmeal with berries, cinnamon, 100% maple syrup and of course almond butter.  Or a giant smoothie bowl filled with all the goodies! For lunch or dinner I enjoy delicious concoctions like Buddha bowls filled with,quinoa,sweet potato,avocado,spinach, hummus, and falafel. Or for the lazy side of me I love love love avocado toast!

What are your favourite cruelty free products.?
For makeup I really love the Pure Cosmetics highlighter and Big Look mascara with Argan oil. I get most of my makeup from the body shop though. Their eyeshadows and liners are very pigmented and their B.B. cream makes my skin glow and look flawless.

For skin care on my face I really love Luminance Skincare, their products have very minimal, natural, organic ingredients, and are 100% cruelty free. For face masks  ,body scrubs bath bombs ,etc. I always go to Lush. Some favourites I have are Lush’s lips scrubs, their coffee and “Don’t look at me “ face masks , their dry shampoo, and last but not least their Ocean Salt body

Model – Presley Bowyer
Photographer – Tony Ellis
MUA – Magdelena Major


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