NUMA: How did you become a model?
FELIPE: I became a model due to an interesting sequence of events. I was studying industrial engineering at the time in my home country of Colombia when I was contacted via Facebook by a model scout. They had seen some of my personal pictures and wanted to know if I was interested in being part of a new clothing brand campaign. I went for the shoot and not only did I have more fun than I ever thought I could have working, but also made more money in one day than some people made in a month as engineers in Colombia. The photos from
this campaign went on to be displayed in a famous mall in my city so needless to say after that my interest in modeling was quite high. I was then approached at my gym by a trainer who told me there was casting looking for the new face for a local magazine. After attending I was signed by a local agency in Colombia named Agenzia Modellare and kept working as a model since.

NUMA: What is something you want people to know about modeling?
FELIPE: Something I would want people to know about modeling is that, contrary to the biggest misconception about it, there is a place in the industry for all types. I think when you have a passion for something you should go for it, even if it is something that has as many preconceptions as modeling does. I have heard people say: “Well, all models have to be skinny, they need a certain height, specific features and types of teeth…” and quite frankly I’ve learnt first hand this is not true. In this industry I’ve become great friends with plus size models, petite models, older models, etc. I’m not the typical “desirable height” for a male model and yet most people seem to just look past that.

NUMA: What would be your dream shoot as a model?
FELIPE: My dream shoot as a model would be a campaign for Gucci, Armani fragrances, Calvin Klein underwear, or a general campaign for Guess. I’ve always pictured myself modeling for one of those since I started this.

NUMA: How do you align yourself with Numa’s Mission statement?
FELIPE: “You are good enough, pretty enough, and talented enough” are the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard any talent agency use as a motto, and couldn’t agree more with this statement. In fact, I love being reminded of it. Numa believes in the worth and beauty of all human beings and that is something that I practice and live by as well. Without getting too much into any specifics, I like to consider myself a spiritual person and I believe each and every one of our souls instinctively knows that we are enough, yet sometimes this is so easy to forget. In that sense, there is no other mission statement that I resonate with the most.

NUMA: What’s your best quality?
FELIPE: My best quality I have to say is my personality. We are born with certain physical traits which we either learn to love or hate, but the one thing we can always choose is our thoughts and how we choose to be and portray ourselves. I think more than half of anyone’s physical beauty is really in their energy and personality around them. I’ve proved it not just with others but myself. Beauty truly does shine from within and so I’m sure one trait I can say I’m proud of is the outlook I try and take through each day.

NUMA:  Have your preconceptions of modeling changed?
FELIPE: My preconceptions of not just modeling but of models themselves has greatly changed since I started my career. It keeps changing the more people I come into contact with. I used to think modeling was over saturated with superficial, critical people with nothing in mind but ridiculous unattainable standards. I’ve been pleasantly surprised in my experience. I have met so many in this industry that are quite aware beauty is more than a look or picture. It’s a perception, something greatly influenced by our vibe and what we put out in the world. That’s refreshing.

Model: Felipe

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