What are your goals as a model?

To me, modeling is an opportunity to create art, and travel. I have been in some print and magazines, but I aspire to make the cover of one! I also would love to get into doing commercials or be the face of a brand.

How do you prepare yourself for a runway?

I like to get a really good night’s sleep the night before the show day. I also pack my model bag in advance so I don’t have a stressful time getting out of the house. The day before the show I like to make sure I eat a good amount of healthy food, and I always pack snacks in case the show day gets hectic!

What is your favourite part about modelling?

I love the experience of nailing a runway walk, or getting a great photo, because it is a feeling of empowerment as well as creating art.

I also really like bringing designers’ visions to life, because they work so hard on their clothes.

What interests or causes do you support?

I think that it is very important to give young children a chance to interact with animals and nature, so they can be curious about the environment. Having that experience as a young person can really shape the way an individual views the world. To make this happen, I volunteer as the Leader of the 4-H San Rafael Poultry Project, where I teach children about avian science. I also lead nature walks for elementary school students.

What are your favourite ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I have ridden my pony Noodles since I was five, and riding clears my head as well as giving me a chance to exercise. Every morning I meditate for around 5 minutes center my thoughts, which helps me be more mindful during my day. Also, even though I am a full time college student, I try to prioritize sleep and always carry water around with me to stay hydrated!

Model: Erin C
Designer: George Styler


Laura L Featured in Skye Magazine

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