NUMA: How did you become a model?
CLAIRE: When I was younger I attended a fashion camp that at the end of the week we got to do a photoshoot and I loved it! I started modelling with the agency after that.

NUMA: What advice do you have for aspiring models?
CLAIRE: You have to be persistent and not give up! Also, being professional and friendly goes a long way.

NUMA: What was the most challenging shoot you’ve ever done?
CLAIRE: The most challenging shoot that is coming to mind was probably the one I did right after my plane landed from Brazil. We had to go straight to the shoot from the airport and I was so exhausted from traveling. We kept getting awesome shots so the photographer didn’t want to stop. It was the most challenging because of how exhausted my mind and body was!

NUMA: How do you cope with insecurities?
CLAIRE: I always try to think about the things I’ve done right or I do good opposed to the negative side. Everyday you have to make a conscience choice whether you want to view yourself in a positive or negative way and I choose positive! I also have an extremely supportive boyfriend who I can talk to when I am feeling insecure about myself, so that also helps.

NUMA: What interests or causes do you support?
CLAIRE: I really care about issues to do with children whether it’s in Calgary or other parts of the world!

NUMA: How do you align yourself with Numa’s Mission statement?
CLAIRE: I always try to see the beauty in every situation- even situations where it is hard. I believe that Numa’s mission to create an environment of beauty is so important. I think that finding beauty in your daily life, regardless of what that is to you, leads to a happy and healthy way of life.

Model: Claire

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