1. What does self love mean to you and how do you practice it?

Self love is the ability to accept yourself and where you are, yet still trying your best to improve wherever you can. I believe if you truly love something, you should always be focusing your energy on it to make any sort of adjustments that will have a positive outcome. Self-love I think is the realization that you are not perfect, yet being okay with it. Once you realize that no one around you is perfect, it makes it a lot easier to deal with the lows that come with life, as well as the overwhelming highs. I’m always trying my best to make sure whatever I’m doing makes me happy. It doesn’t make sense to indulge in anything that is going to deter my self-worth. Practicing self-love to me is not necessarily an action, but an attitude. You can go through life and have a negative attitude and all it’s going to affect is you in the long run. If an individual can learn to be more optimistic about their situation I think it could really influence one’s self-love

  1. You have been travelling for over a month  – where all did you go?

Yes I have been ! It’s been such a great opportunity to see all of these new places and as well to revisit other’s and see how much I’ve grown since I’ve last been there. I stopped in New York for a short time, which not to mention is one of my favourite places. The fast pace of life keeps everything exciting and there’s always so much to do there. I came home to get ready to travel to France and all around the British isles. I started in Paris as I had a dance scholarship and spent a week there. I did a couple shoots there as well and it’s so interesting to meet different photographers from around the world. After Paris I travelled to London and stayed there for another week. London is a must see if you’ve never been there ! Similarly to New York, the way of life is so fast paced and you never run out of things to do there. I’m planning on going there again next summer to explore some more. After London, I travelled to Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. I came home quickly just to gather myself and relax before I headed off to China with the Calgary Flames hockey team. China was a once in a lifetime experience and I’d love to revisit Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The hospitality and appreciation these people have is endless and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people in Shenzhen and Beijing. It’s mind boggling to think there are as many as over 20 million people in one city. I’ve realized my favourite part about travelling isn’t necessarily the places I get to see, but the people I get to meet. Strangers can feel like home once you’ve spent a whole week with them and I think that’s something really special that I get to have with all this travelling.

  1. What were some of your favourite memories from your travels?

My most recent favourite memory would have to be going to the Great Wall of China. Not only was it such an amazing sight to see, but I was able to spend some quality time with the Flames team and management. Being in a big group is refreshing since the energy is so lively. The best part was the way down from the Great Wall actually. The only way to get down is by a sled, so that was tons of fun and everyone went crazy on it. People were running into each other and probably cruising down way faster than they should have, but that’s what made it fun ! There was also a little market at the bottom as well and we had tons of fun bargaining on certain items. We all bought kimonos and the funny part is comparing prices at the end and realizing you got the same thing as someone else for a completely different price. But that’s the way it is in China!

  1. What have been some of your favourite experiences in your modelling journey?

I have a great appreciation for people and I think my favourite experiences are when I get to meet beautiful and genuine individuals. It’s funny because the very first photographer’s I met are now close and dear to my heart and we’ve been by each other’s sides ever since the start. This translates to some of my favourite “experiences” because they make every experience worthwhile. Also some models I’ve met have been so caring and loving and I think this is what makes certain shoots or shows so memorable. It’s not necessarily the shoot or show that I love, but it’s the people I meet along the way.

  1. What advice do you have for aspiring models?

It’s all about taking the initiative and having the drive. I get lots of DM’s on my instagram from people saying they want to start modelling but don’t know how. I personally wasn’t scouted but I knew modelling was something I wanted to do so I sent my images to Numa and waited for a response. I get the feeling that lots of people are afraid of doing this in the event that they might get rejected, however this is a fear lots of people have to drop because no matter what happens, each and every individual is beautiful. I once heard that when you get turned down, it’s not that they don’t think you’re beautiful, but it’s just they aren’t looking for your look. I believe it’s really important to remember this and not to take things too personally in the modelling world. All in all, for all the aspiring models out there, my advice would be to take initiative, love yourself and don’t take things too personally when things go wrong.

Model: Brooklyn S


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