NUMA: How did you become a model?
ASH: As long as I could remember I’ve had a passion for fashion. I love the freedom of creativity and the ability to create a style and look pertaining to ones self and personality. A little while back I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot for my sisters business, during the shoot I had a blast. I loved the atmosphere and energy of the whole experience. At that moment I knew that this was something I would love to explore. Shortly after I sought out the best modelling agency in Calgary which was Numa and applied. The rest is history.

NUMA: What are things you typically remind yourself during a shoot?
ASH: Well besides the fact that I have to pinch myself every time I shoot to remind myself that this is real. I remind myself to just be me. The client in which I’m shooting with chose me for my style, my look, my personality. At times while shooting you may get nervous or shy but you have to remember to be natural, open and just be you and have fun. This is what truly makes for the best possible outcome not only for the shoot but overall experience.

NUMA: What do you do to stay healthy and fit?
ASH: How I keep myself in healthy and fit it by training 5 days a week and playing on multiple city sports teams. Currently I play in a men’s soccer and basketball team which keeps me fit and on top of my game.

NUMA: What interests or causes do you support?
ASH: A few times a year we gather members of our community and team up with an organization called YYCHH ( YYC-HELPING HOMELESS). Together we gather clothing donations and prepare hot and cold meals for the members of our homeless community. This is very rewarding for myself because I love helping others, by not only providing clothing and food but an ear to listen. We really don’t know or understand the struggles our people go through unless we listen and have a conversation. Only then will we be able to bridge the gap and help our brothers and sisters out of their hardships.

NUMA: What other opportunities has modelling given you?
ASH: Modelling has been an amazing experience for me thus far. Through modelling I have been given the opportunity pursue a passion I never thought I’d have the opportunity to pursue otherwise. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful like minded individuals that I can call my friends. It has provided me with an environment that is so rich and encourages self improvement and growth. It has allowed me to help others in my field with advice, guidance, encouragement. It has allowed me to enter a leadership role and help others bring out the best version of themselves. The ability to travel and shoot with such talented and amazing creators and influencers. Currently I am working with our wonderful directors and our events committee to plan a winter wonderland gala filled with fashion and art. With all the proceeds being donated to a wonderful organization called LIFEHOUSE who assist our elderly in need of care and attention. Just a few things to mention but I’m sure a lot more to come!

Model: Ash

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